Flag Festival






2021 Ilminster Flag Festival in June – Sunday 13 to Sunday 27th June

                                 The Flag Festival forms a major part of the Ilminster Midsummer Experience..in 2020  it was possible after lockdown ended to  get  the  flags  up, and in 2021 they are flying again to cheer us all on !







more than 100 flags in the  Ilminster Flag Festival  include the stunning banners designed by Patrick Reyntiens and John Reyntiens in the Minster Church

Make a date now to come down to see the Ilminster Flag Festival 2021 and enjoy a cup of tea and cake or a delicious lunch in one of the many coffee shops or pubs in town

festival flags
Festival Flags in the town centre

Flag Refurb funded  As well as a great project by the IMEx Admin team to completely refurb the flags, poles and fittings (funded by the fantastically supportive  response of grants and donations from Authorities, entities and the crowd-funding public) there have been several new flag designs this year

  We are fortunate that the town’s medieval road layout, which hugs closely to the 15th century Minster church, dramatically emphasises the effect of the flags and brings vibrancy and colour to the town

The Flag Festival grew out of an idea from one of the town’s artists.  We were able to commission a flag-maker to work with children from Greenfylde School to design the original 20 flags. 

These were so successful that the following year we invited businesses to contribute to their own flag and the majority of businesses in town now have a flag – some even have two! 

Information Panel
Event Name: Ilminster Flag Festival
When: 13  – 27 June 2021
Time: Throughout the Day & Night
How Much: FREE
Where: Throughout the Town Centre
Email: [email protected]